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by John Derhak
The Bones of Lazarus follows intersecting lives on the war-torn Caribbean Island of Saint George.
Amidst rising acts of terror and horrific bombings, surfaces a savage killer, a war correspondent whose stories have become oddly prophetic, a Russian operative with a past, and a mysterious political plot. Is it more than a coincidence?

At its epicenter, Captain Daniel Loomis, fighting for his sanity and survival, seeks a connection. Yet, he cannot stop the growing fear that a creature of legend has arrived—the immortal Lazarus. Resurrected with a terrifying power, it's claimed he's walked the earth for 2,000 years seeking the hearts and souls of the wicked—leaving his mark—the face of petrified evil—upon his victims.

As political intrigue and conspiracy unravel around him, Captain Loomis is charged with finding the killer. But first he must come to terms with whether he pursues a man, a myth, or the original Frankenstein monster in this imaginative, darkly funny, supernatural thriller.

 Howlin Minnie
The Witch of the Wailing Wood
Special Kindle Edition $1.95
With a new afterword

Deep in the forest, beyond the northern slopes of the Old Mountain by the Sea, upon the far edge of the Lost Howlin' Minnie KindleKingdom of Moose Harbor, stretches a dark, mysterious tract of land known by those who know no better, and better known by those who do, as the Wailing Wood. For more generations than remembered superstition has held that the old-growth forest is enchanted by a witch—a witch that came to be in a dark time. At nightfall, it is said, the woods come to life, haunted by evil spirits under her spell. Locals believe that none shall pass through her woods after sunset—and live to tell about it—for no one ever has.

Then, late one night, in the dead of winter, one man knowingly comes before the Wailing Wood. There’s been a terrible accident, and time is against him. He must choose his path: the lengthy trail off the mountain or the shorter trail through the witch’s forest. Wavering and unsure, he brushes superstition aside and enters. His mind drifts, as does his reality, slowly, with each step he takes, until the forest awakens, or so it seems. Struggling for his sanity, he finds himself in an endless nightmare desperately trying to break the forest's enchantment as he attempts to break through to the other side.


"Mr. Derhak's writing style, humorous and endearing, brings the characters to life, like old friends you've known before." Boston Herald

"Great storytelling with a lot depth humor and a similar sense of adventure." State of Mind Music Magazine
"I really do enjoy the book... it has a Hunter Thompson quality..." Hittin' the Note
“…a collection of inventive tall tales and hilarious misadventures …filled with creatively entertaining stories …and …a legion of roguishly entertaining fictional characters…” Relix Magazine

Tales from the moe.Republic

The Surprisingly Imaginative & Hilarious Pulitzer Prize Contending Debut Novel
by John Derhak
featuring orginal cover art
by moe. guitarist Chuck Garvey
The story of a small town inn, a bungling innkeeper, unforgettable characters, mystery, mayhem, and misadventure in rural Maine -- one very good book.
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The Return of Mr. Poole

One summer's eve, a man awakes in the midst of a cemetery … against a headstone … over a freshly turned grave.
He is utterly alone, yet, he fears, in the presence of something. With no recollection of how he arrived there, he rushes off into the night, and, inexplicably, walks into his own past.
Encountering lives he had long forgotten, he is drawn into a mysterious, ghostly, spirit world--one of reflection, redemption, and unshakable tragedy--pushing him inexorably to a destination, ominous and foreboding-and a reckoning that awaits him there-with an unrelenting evil.
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