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John Derhak
Indie Author @ Large
Chief Scribe & Storyteller at the moe.Republic Hotel

New Novel
The Guardian Angel of Death
A prequel to Tales from the moe.Republic!
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Porter Gibson 'Digit' — the baseball-playing, finger-flicking rabble-rouser and writer — returns in this darkly funny, haunting prequel to Tales from the moe.Republic.

It's Halloween, 1932. The weight of the Great Depression is crushing the country. An anxious, weary nation looks ahead to the coming presidential election to determine its fate. Down east, in the Lost Kingdom of Moose Harbor, Maine, the dead and the damned prowl the streets. Or so it seems.

With Prohibition winding down along with his baseball career, Porter comes home to help his best friend, Jeffrey 'Jeffah' Grant, make a final run — smuggle one last boat load of liquor into the country. Unbeknownst to Jeffah, Porter's been recruited to investigate the deaths of three local smugglers. Unbeknownst to Porter, they worked for Jeffah.

Enchanted by a gypsy woman upon his arrival, Porter soon finds himself stalked by the Angel of Death, ruthless gangsters, a mysterious stranger, and ghostly apparitions — all the while haunted by a tragedy that's turned his world on end. It's a fight for his life, and sanity, in this engrossing story of survival and redemption on the Eastern Frontier.

The Guardian Angel of Death
A prequel to Tales from the moe.Republic!

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